NimkarTek’s Chemical Compliance Workshop Series

NimkarTek has introduced a range of basic, intermediate and advanced workshops that will focus on restricted substances, chemical management, SDS authoring, REACH registrations and testing requirements for the Indian textiles and chemical industry.

As the sustainability sphere continues to evolve at a rapid pace it is crucial that those practising in the Textile and Chemicals industry take the necessary steps to enhance their knowledge, skillsets, and learn how to effectively apply this toeveryday business scenarios.

This is why NimkarTek’s chain of workshops are both relevant and refreshing. Our experienced team is committed to helping Brands and Retailers, Textile mills, colorant and auxiliary manufacturers and the chemical industry understand these changing requirements on restrictions and chemical compliance in a relaxed and encouraging environment. The workshops are planned on every alternate Friday and will be delivered by an industry professional, with the sole aim of imparting key updates, insightful tips and practical techniques.

The first NimkarTek’s workshop on’ ZDHC MRSL and its Impact’ was held on the 10th of March, in the NimkarTek office at Mumbai. It was led by Mr Prasad Pant, CEO,= NimkarTek and Mr UlLhas Nimkar, CMD, NimkarTek. The agenda of the workshop was:

  1. he ZDHC Initiative and Goals
  2. The ZDHC MRSL formats, terms and criteria
  3. The 16 MRSL Chemical Groups
  4. Actions to meet the ZDHC MRSL criteria – developing positive lists

After the training session, the workshop was followed by a tour of NimkarTek’s ecological testing laboratory and the brand new Eco-tox Lab.

The workshop was attended by 10 industry personnel. All the participants were extremely. pleased with the practical learnings that were delivered through the training sessions.

FUTURE WORKSHOPS: for future workshop details, please contact us on or call us on +91-9769313590. As limited spaces are available it is recommended you book your seat today.