Chemical Management Systems - Implementation (CMS-i)

The Chemical Management Systems – Implementation service offered by NimkarTek is designed to support facilities and wet processing units in developing chemical management systems, policies and procedures, thereby implementing a comprehensive system. CMS-i offers facilities with a framework of ready forms and formats to set the necessary systems.

The service includes the following benefits:

  • Two site visits to ensure that the systems have been implemented
  • Assessment report shared at the end of the Project
  • Online Trainings through NOTES Platform
  • Access to various Guidance Documents

Chemical Management Manual/Guidebook:

Conformance to chemical restrictions or the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) goals requires knowledge and understanding of Chemical Management Best Practices. Supplier facilities where maximum use and discharge of chemicals takes place- such as fabric mills, dyehouses, garment washing units and printers – should implement systems to manage their procurement, use, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals within their premises.

NimkarTek offers services to design and develop Chemical Management Manuals or Guidebooks for a Brand or Retailer, which can be communicated up the supply chain to provide a helping hand to supplier facilities to implement best practices in chemical management. The Guidebooks are designed in a simplistic and pictorial manner and include ready to use formats for basic practices.

The topics covered in the Manual are :

  • Need for chemical management
  • Chemical Inventory Risk Assessment
  • Chemical Procurement Practices
  • Chemical Storage and Handling Practices
  • Monitoring chemical restrictions in finished products and wastewater
  • Hazardous Waste Management

Data Management And Reporting

NimkarTek offers back-end support to Brands & Retailers to map and manage their data related to their sustainability initiatives. Our team can collate data from supply chain stakeholders directly and prepare comprehensive Reports for publishing on the Brand’s website or CSR Report or for public disclosure.

Some data management projects carried out for global Brands are :

  • Compiling data on bi-annual wastewater test results from suppliers
  • Uploading test results of wastewater discharge from supplier facilities on IPE website
  • Preparing and uploading Case Studies on Subsport website
  • Preparing Reports on special projects related to Detox/ZDHC/Chemical Strategy based on data collation and interpretation


Brands and Retailers restrict chemicals that are harmful to human health or the environment in their final products through the Restricted Substances List (RSL). The RSLs help to communicate these restrictions to all stakeholders in their supply chain.

Development of RSLs requires expertise and specialized knowledge in chemical management. These documents also need to be updated regularly to include new substances that may be of concern due to:

  • Global Legislation
  • Eco-toxicological findings
  • NGO Campaigns
  • Precautionary Principle

Restrictions on harmful substances in chemical formulations have also been initiated by ZDHC through the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List or MRSL.

NimkarTek offers services to Apparel and Footwear Brands and Retailers to develop and/or update their chemical restriction documents (RSL/MRSL). The service includes:

  • Benchmarking a Brand’s existing RSL document with industry standards, global legislation and toxicological studies
  • Designing the RSL/MRSL document to include latest chemical restriction requirements to meet a Brand’s product profile and global obligations
  • Developing Chemical Policy documents for implementation of the RSL/MRSL requirements within a Brand’s supply chain

SDS Authoring

Global chemical restrictions are changing rapidly. It is becoming more and more important for chemical manufacturers, suppliers, and formulators to provide safe and compliant products to clients all across the world.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a key document that helps communicate hazards listed in a chemical product. Today, most chemical companies have to provide a GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet to their clients.

With an aim to support Chemical Companies meet increasing complex global regulations, NimkarTek offers ‘Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS)’ authoring services.

Partnered with ChemAssist Knowledge partners, the SDS Authoring service helps the Chemical Industry

  • Develop new GHS and EU CLP/REACH compliant SDS.
  • Update older SDS documents.


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