Online Training through NOTES Platform

Today’s changing demands and industry expectations require Brands and Retailers to communicate compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively to all stakeholders of their global supply chain.

NimkarTek NOTES is a web-based Platform providing Training on Restricted Substances and Chemicals Management to Textile and Leather Supply Chain

Why Train with NOTES?


The Trainings, developed by technical experts at NimkarTek, are in the form of E-Learning courses and are delivered online, through the NOTES platform.

Global Reach

Interactive and engaging

Bite Size Information

Budget friendly

Tracking and reporting

Dedicated Helpdesk

Assessments and Certifications

Curated for your needs

Our Accreditations

ZDHC Training Services

NimkarTek is a ZDHC Accredited Training Provider (ATP) of the ZDHC Foundation – Implementation Hub

Higg FEM Trainings

NimkarTek NOTES is approved by SAC as a Higg FEM Trainer Body.

Our Training Services

Ready Training Courses

NimkarTek has developed a range of ready training courses focusing on Restricted Substances and Chemical Management issues.

You can view our Courses by clicking on the link here or by downloading the Course
Catlog here.



ZDHC Training Courses

NOTES is a ZDHC Approved Training Provider (ATP)

We offer E-Learning courses on:

  • ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide (TIG)
  • ZDHC Top 10 Issues
  • ZDHC Wastewater Management

Higg FEM Training Courses

NOTES is a SAC Approved Higg FEM Trainer Body.

NimkarTek’s Training Program on Higg FEM provides individuals and organizations proper training and expert insight into the Higg FEM. The training covers all 7 environmental impact areas as outlined in the Higg FEM.



Bespoke Training Courses

Ready training courses might not cover your organization's goals and priorities, as it does not enable you to tailor your program.

NimkarTek understands the importance of infusing bespoke training with your strategy, thereby creating a highly effective and engaging earning experience.

Nimkartek offers customized training for your supply chains. Our team will help prioritize your strategy, develop training plans and develop high-quality custom courses that work within your budget. Our Online courses create an enjoyable, interactive user experience. Exams and other reports generated through the NOTES Platform help measure the Training Impact.

Develop bespoke training on specific policies/goals/plans in chemical management/Sustainability

NimkarTek will develop the training content and develop a custom training plan based on your requirements

Module will be delivered through the Notes Platform.Notes Admin team will monitor progress

Result-Quick and cost-effective way of training all partners.

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