ZDHC MRSL Chemical Gateway Services

The industry focus is slowly moving towards the use of cleaner ‘inputs’ rather than treating the finished articles. Brands, Retailers and other stakeholders are expecting chemical suppliers to manufacture cleaner chemicals.

The ZDHC group have launched the ZDHC MRSL V 2.0 or the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List. This list comprises restricted chemicals which cannot be detected in the input chemical used during manufacturing. This program is designed to support Brands, Retailers, Manufacturers and Chemical Suppliers of the Textile and Apparel Industry with a unified Chemical Management approach.

The ZDHC MRSL V2.0 is divided into 2 chapters

  • Chapter 1: MRSL For Textiles and Synthetic Processing
  • Chapter 2: MRSL for Leather Processing

With the new Industry MRSL in place, Textile and Leather Chemical manufacturers and suppliers can test their raw materials and final chemicals in order to ensure that they comply with the MRSL limits. This data is then uploaded on the ZDHC CHEMICAL GATEWAY.

The ZDHC Chemical Gateway helps Brands, Retailers and Facilities to choose chemicals from Cleaner Suppliers.

The ZDHC Chemical Gateway has 3 Conformance Levels:

  • Level 1 – A Third party review of documentation or an analytical Test Report is required to decide conformance to ZDHC MRSL
  • Level 2 – A review of Chemical supplier’s Product Stewardship practices (Health, Safety and Environment) carried out by a third-party certifier.
  • Level 3 – Requires all the elements of MRSL Conformance Level 2 and a site visit to the chemical supplier to evaluate their product stewardship practices.

NimkarTek is Approved and Recognised as a ZDHC MRSL V 2.0 Level 1 and ZDHC MRSL V 2.0 Level 2 Certifier.

How does it work?

ZDHC MRSL Level 1 Confarmance

  • NimkarTek will test chemicals / formulations for ZDHC MRSL V2.0 Level 1 Criteria.
  • The Testing will be carried out as per a Smart Testing Grid thereby reducing costs.
  • A Certificate will be issued to the Chemical Supplier if the Chemical Conforms to the ZDHC MRSL V 2.0 Criteria.
  • The MRSL Level 1 Certificate is valid for 1 year. The Test Reports have a validity of 2 years.

ZDHC MRSL Level 2 Certification

The Certification Process is carried out in the following steps :

  • Verification of ZDHC MRSL Level 1 Certification
  • Study of Safety Data Sheets and CAS Number Screening
  • Analytical Verification to check for presence of Impurities
  • Self-Assessment -Review of product stewardship measures with regard to chemicals and environmental management
  • Certificate and Report – The MRSL Level 2 Certificate is valid for 2 years.

Our ZDHC MRSL Testing services are provided to :

Chemical Suppliers who want to test chemical formulations for MRSL Conformance

Dealers and Traders of Colourants and Chemicals who want to use NimkarTek’s ZDHC Services

Dye-houses and manufacturers who want to test chemical inventory for MRSL Conformance

Brands and Retailers – We will help you develop a positive list of chemicals

Benefits of getting your ZDHC MRSL Conformance Certificates :

Demonstrate Chemical management progress and transparency

Strengthen your Product Safety practices

NimkarTek’s Analytical Test Reports and Consultancy will improve your Brand value and create a high level of confidence with your customers.


Contact NimkarTek experts for more information on ZDHC MRSL Level 1 and Level 2 accreditations. Call us on +91 9819641527 to speak to us or email us at lab@nimkartek.com