NimkarTek Laboratories offer Quality Assurance and Performance Testing for Textiles and Apparel. The textile testing laboratory comprises of Physical Testing Division and Colour Fastness.

Our quality control and testing services help textile exporters, mills, manufacturers, importers, and retailers ensure that their products meet quality standards and the requirements of their Buyers.

Why Choose NimkarTek?

  • In-depth knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in the Textile and Apparel industry
  • Team of Experts who provide hands-on knowledge and practical expertise.
  • Quick, Efficient, high quality testing solutions with low turnaround time
  • Expert advice and consultancy provided to all our clients.

We offer the following physical and mechanical tests to assess the quality of your textiles

  • Construction - Fiber composition, Count / denier of warp & weft, Twist, Weight per unit area (square / linear), Ends & picks per unit length, Wales & courses (thread density), Total count of yarn, Type of weave, Width and Thickness
  • Appearance Tests (After wash, dry-cleaning), Spirality, Bowing or Skewing, Colour change, Staining, print deterioration, effect on accessories, trims, and others
  • Performance – Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Seam Strength and Seam Slippage, Pilling, Abrasion, Absorbency, Dimensional Stability, Others
  • Colourfastness Tests- Washing, Water, Rubbing, Perspiration, Saliva, Dry Cleaning, Bleaching, Others
  • Fiber identification
  • Formaldehyde testing
  • Machine wash tests
  • Heavy metals in surface coatings
  • PVC Migration
  • Defect Analysis

Why choose NimkarTek for Product and Supplier Compliance?

Over 30 years expertise and experience in the Textile Testing Industry

Team of experts who have hands-on knowledge and experience in Textile Testing

Quick, efficient, high quality testing with low turnaround time

Expert advice and consultancy